51 Bixby St, Marlbough, NH 03455, US

(603) 876-3807


Peep Willow Farm Guests are welcome to help with chores, wander around and talk to, feed, or pat the livestock, or sit on the terrace and enjoy the view all the way to the Connecticut River Valley..

In addition there are hiking trails on Mount Monadnock and other trails nearby.


Enjoy a relaxed stay near the excitement of Keene

The ambiance at the farm is casual, comfortable and homey. Flexibility and serendipity are the key ingredients to enjoying your stay here.

The twenty year old colonial farmhouse is a charming small establishment with lots of wood accents and some antiques.


The atmosphere encourages relaxation enjoyment of the outdoors and a chance to meet new and interesting people.

The tempo at the farm changes with the seasons—Spring foaling; summer and fall competition and training; winter relaxation and renewal. The breathtaking view from the farm and the activities available in the region also reflect the march of the seasons.